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[OV]Sunye(WG) Clips@ Wonder Girls 2nd Fanmeeting 260708

credit: booloveswondergirls@youtube

So Hot Opening

Wonder Girls as Teletubbies(Full)

Sun Ye & Jo Kwon – Not Because

Tell Me Remix(ver 1)

Tell Me Remix(ver 2)

I wanna

Sunye Solo


[News]Hyori faked a laughter to get kiss from DaeSung and GDragon?

source: gonews

Singer Hyori has collapsed with love confession from her junior singers Big Bang.

In the 7th episode of SBS “Family Outing” that was aired on 27th July, Hyori was featured along with MC Yoo, Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin, Lee Cheon Hwi, Yoo Jung Shin and Big Bang members DaeSung and GDragon.

In this episode, the Family members have to play a “saranghae” game. The game goes by: members have to give the person sitting next to him or her a look and then give a love confession by saying “saranghae”. And the person receiving the love confession, have to refrain from talking and the game moves on. For players who smile will receive a forfeit which is a kiss from that the 2 persons sitting next to him or her.

Accidentally on this episode, the two persons sitting beside Hyori were Big Bang DaeSung and GDragon. And Hyori had received a kiss from DaeSung and GDragon, which had caused a lot of complaints from other Family members when they saw the restrained look on Hyori’s face.
GDragon’s confession goes by, “I had felt that since a long time ago, so it is love” and Hyori had a tiny laughing sound. With that Yoo Jae Seok and Yoon Jung Shin protested by, “What is this?”, “This is not right..” voicing the doubt about Hyori’s laugh.

Hyori had then continue by bursting out in laughters, despite the strong protests from other Family members. It had seemed that there is a possibility of enduring the laughter but Hyori had intentionally laughed to receive the forfeit.

[News]35th South Korea Broadcast award: Big Bang members nominated for

credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com

The nominees to the different award categories for the 35th South Korea Broadcast awards were announced on 28th July.

Singer cum talent Kim Jang Hoon, who has had his comeback after 8 years, was said to have dominated the nominees list.

This year, the awards categories are done differently than last year, there will be newcomer awards for best entertainer, singer and actor awards.

Apart from this, other nominees to the different award categories includes gagman Kim Byung Man for best comedian award, talent Lee Yeong Ah and group Big Bang members’ names have appeared in various newcomer award categories.

The South Korea Broadcast Award ceremony will be held on 3rd September in KBS hall.

[News]Kim Heechul a True Wonder Girls Fan as he does So Hot on Radio

credit: wondergirls.wordpress

Super Junior Kim Heechul continued to show everyone that he is a true Wonder Girls fan as he performed the whole “So Hot” dance on a recent “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio recording hosted by Kim Shin Young and Shin Dong.

In the recording last night, Kim Heechul was the guest on the program as Shin Dong asked, “Aren’t you dancing when that song is played?” as Heechul replied immediately, “Not dancing!”. But immediately after, Shin Dong said, “It’s performed by the Wonder Girls. Please take note of the video”, when Heechul immediately asked, “Do I do (dance) it here?”, as he kept looking for a spot to do the dance and looking slightly embarassed.

As the music started playing, Heechul immediately sprung up from his seat and started doing the V-Line dance after Shin Dong finished lip-syncing to the opening. Although Heechul said he was shy and would just do a little bit, he only disappeared from the screen for a while before appearing with a pink hairclip on his head and started to do “So Hot” with zest. And from here on, with Kim Shin Young as his partner, ‘Kim Heechul’ So Hot version was born.

Following the broadcast, netizens commented on the video which was uploaded to various sites, “Kim Heechul is really too sexy”, “This cannot be done so well with just 1-2 days of practise, he is a Wonder Girls fan”, “Compared to saying he’s a So Hee fanatic, the hairclip on his head was too cute for words.”

[News]Wonder Girls Signed on as Exclusive Models for KTF Ever CF

credit: wondergirls.wordpress

“Nation’s Little Sisters” Wonder Girls who has been garnering lots of popularity lately with “So Hot” has been signed on to model KTF Ever. They will use their unique dance and song of “So Hot” for the CF because it fits in well with their product concept. A JYPE spokesperson explained, “KTF clean and wholesome image is very alike with the Wonder Girls and we had favorable discussions which led to the Wonder Girls clinching the deal.”

The CF has however created attention by news of a ‘Wonder Girls 6th member’. During the filming, the Wonder Girls expressed that they would love to continue to work with this new member for their ‘Love Call’ event which heightened everyone’s curiosity (probably just a marketing gimmick, don’t read too much into it). Another attention grabbing headline was that this was the most lucrative CF deal in history. This KTF Ever CF will be unleashed in early August.

[News]Wonder Girls Wonderful Fan Meeting Becomes “Headline Making” Machine

credit: wondergirls.wordpress

The 2nd Wonderful fan meeting was held yesterday evening at Kwangwoon University and days of effort and hardwork of the Wonder Girls for this event was displayed for their fans and created lots of headlines.

So Hee performed a solo dance item dancing along to Beyonce’s music (some saying sexier than Beyonce) and was heralded as a sexy wave angel. Leader Sun Ye sang and performed Park Ji Yoon “I Am A Man” while Sun Mi showed off her JYP impersonation by singing and performing “The House You Live In” and “Kiss”. Yoo Bin did a rap and dance item of Tasha’s “Memory” while Ye Eun topped it off with her self-composition by singing and playing the piano live. The Wonder Girls also did a special Teletubbies mini skit which got everyone ROFL. Almost each performances of theirs made the No.1 search terms on various search engines last night with So Hee teasing dance item topping them all.

For the fan meeting, Jo Kwon of 2AM and Younha were there to show their support. Five Wonderfuls were decked in cow outfits and performed “Tell Me”.

This fan meeting was for those who joined the fan club from last May when it was opened for registration for the 2nd time with about 2000 fans gracing the event, showing how popular the Wonder Girls are right now. They are set to make their comeback with a new album in September.

[OV]Wonder Girls – So Hot Remix @ Music Bank 250708

credit: coolsmurf@youtube