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[Pics]G-Dragon @ Cyworld ‘Song of the month’ 290908

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credit: as tagged ll sookyeong.wordpress

>>>G-D still wears the leopard print and a boris hat ^-^….wearing the leopard print suggests that he wanted ‘sunye’ to be there as well? hehehe


[OV]Big Bang @ KPop Zone Interview (SE) 080923

credit: boosaysimback@youtube

>>>If im not mistaken i posted the youtube before, the one without the sub. Now you can watch it with sub, enjoy!

[OV] Wonder Girls Fancam @ KBS Music Bank 260908

credit: BrightenSunye@youtube

>>>Unlike the previous fancam @ KBS Music Bank(the cut one), this fancam is during their performance, their ‘Nobody Original’ performance..

[OV] Big Bang @ MNet You Can Fly 260908 Full Episode

credit: AlShinlove@youtube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

>>>This is the full episode and I advise all of you to watch it ^-^…want to know why? Just watch it hehehe…*hint* wild wannabe dancer

[OV]Sunye & Ye Eun Fancam @ KBS Music Bank

credit: BrightenSunye@youtube

This was during the So Hot Promotion

>>>Im not sure whether the girl that sunye is hugging is a member from Kara cuz i dun really know all the Kara members..But it is so sweet of Sunye to hug her, how i wish the person she hug is GD hehehe

[News]Wonder Girls to Hold Concert in America

credit: hong927@donga.com + 귤겨자@wonderholic + wonderkid (translation) + wondergirls.wordpress

Wonder Girls will hold a concert in the the states next year, March 2009, with hopes of breaking into the American market eventually.

In an interview with Sports Donga, Sun Ye expressed, “Next February, we will hold our very first concert in Korea, followed by a concert in America in March. So we feel more burdened than ever before.” Sun Ye continued, “Under JYP USA (U.S management), we are getting ready and hoping to break into the American music industry. I am anxious and hope that our concert next year will give Wonder Girls the opportunity to enter the American market.”

Even before they had debuted as the Wonder Girls, they have been steadily preparing for their debut in the States. They have even tackled the hard task of conquering how to speak and understand English fluently which is vital in order to make it into the U.S. The girls have lived with their English tutors so they could learn to speak and use English in their everyday life.

Earlier this year, Wonder Girls experienced the “American Stage” when they were featured in JYP’s American tour in Los Angeles and New York. And so far, they are getting a warm response from America. Last spring, the Wonder Girls were praised by “The San Francisco Chronicle” and this year, the girls were the only Korean artist chosen as one of “the top 8 girl groups to look forward to” by Britain’s famous “Virgin Media” website. They also recently travelled to New York to perform at Flushing Meadows for the 26th Korean Harvest Festival.


More recently, only a day after the Wonder Girls officially released their new music video for ‘Nobody’ Perezhilton.com, a famous American blog, featured the video on his site which created a huge buzz. The Wonder Girls were featured again last week as they posted their old song “So Hot”. To this, Sun Ye replied, “All the members had big expectations for ‘Nobody’, but not in our wildest dreams did we think it would also create this much buzz in America”.

>>>Im praying that I can go to any of their concert next year…cant wait for that moment to come!

[News]Big Bang bags Cyworld ‘Song of the month’

credit: sookyeong.wordpress

Big Bang was in Seoul JamSil LotteWorld for ‘CyWorld Digital Award Ceremony’ on 29th September where they won the “Song of the Month” for the month of September.

Big Bang started with winning the ‘Rookie of the month’ with the song ‘La-la-la’ in 2006, followed by ‘Song of the month’ awards with ‘Lie’ and ‘Last Greeting’ in 2007, winning ‘Song of the month’ with the song ‘Haru Haru’ will be their 5th award at Cyworld Digital Awards.

>>>So proud of the boys, they have come a long way and they totally deserve it!