~G-Dragon ♥ Sun Ye Journal I (2007-2009)~

1. YoonA ( So nyeo shi dae )
2. Tae Yang ( Big Bang )
3. Xiah Kim Junsu ( Dong bang shin ki )
4. Tiffany ( So nyeo shi dae )
5. Daesung ( Big Bang )
6. Nich Khun ( 2PM )
7. Sun Ye ( Wonder Girls )
8. Kang In ( Super junior )
9. TaeMiN ( Shinee )
10. Jo Kwon ( 2AM )

Source: BBTH / chicgalz @ TAEMIN-THAILAND
Credit: shineee.net + BUAYTAEM and rachelwondershinki
Shared by: chaliangle@onetvxq, LeaderMin Forums

No wayyyy. SunYe’s only rank 7th? Oh well, congratz to our leader! ❤



Comments on: "[News] SunYe Ranks 7th For Most Seductive Eyes" (2)

  1. me too i cannot accept this ranking!!! What about GD? He and sun ye is the most attractive guys in Korea, isn’t it? Where’s the source from?

  2. WonderSuju said:

    …I don’t agree either out of all these people, only Sun Ye’s eyes seduced me, her eyes can be everything from a-z. fierce and cold, happy and cheery, sexy and charismatic, doll-like and angelic..!!

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