~G-Dragon ♥ Sun Ye Journal I (2007-2009)~

Click here for G-Ye Fandom II (2009 ~ present)

This blog will no longer be updated with G-Dragon (of Big Bang) and Sunye (of Wonder Girls). All the posts/pictures/media of G-Dragon and Sunye here dated around 2007 – 2009 (Journal I). However, I chose to open it to public as I have transferred all my G-Ye/WonderBang stuff as well as some of G-Dragon and Sunye stuff to my NEW G-Ye Fandom blog @livejournal. The member-moderated community is open to G-Ye shippers and WonderBang family members with G-Ye bias ONLY. All the latest updates as well as old G-Ye/WonderBang stuff will be available there. This new livejournal blog is my G-Ye Journal II (2009 ~ present).

I decided to make this changes as I cannot update about G-Ye like I used to, because I seldom login to wordpress. Therefore, I chose to use my livejournal blog (which I login at least 2-3 times a week) to spazz on my G-Ye whenever I am free. Apart from that, I do not have to moderate much as I will first need to approve the membership of the G-Ye shippers/fans there. Thus, less worries from anti-s and hater-s LOL. I prefer to have small peaceful community where I can spazz about G-Ye with my fellow G-Ye shippers and friends  ^_^

Lastly, I will like to thank all my old and new readers. Thank you for your time =)




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  1. SunGon said:

    Hi, There’s A New G-Ye Web At Facebook…
    I Have Follow Them…
    And I Hope You Will Follow Them To…
    Thank You

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