~G-Dragon ♥ Sun Ye Journal I (2007-2009)~

About G-Ye Fandom

poster by sachiko@soompi

poster by sachiko@soompi

Welcome to G-Ye Fandom especially to all G-Ye fans and also new visitors who come to this blog to know more about G-Ye. This blog is dedicated to my lovely WonderBang couple pairing, G-Ye or also known as “KwonMin”. It is also a place where i’ll blog about G-Dragon and Min Sun Ye as a member of Big Bang & Wonder Girls respectively. If you are neither fan of G-Ye and G-Dragon & Sun Ye respectively, please REFRAIN yourself from reading this blog.I shall NOT tolerate any BASHING of them here.

Comments are love and hope you enjoy reading the blog.



Comments on: "About G-Ye Fandom" (31)

  1. Clara (clayray3290) said:

    OMG purrple!!!!!! I ❤ you so so SOOOOO much for this!!!!!!

  2. Ally (Shinbatang7en) said:

    PUURPLE!! I ❤ you forever for this. I love this couple forever!

  3. heejin (lovestruck_audrina) said:

    love love love love ❤

  4. PURRPLE! you are the best! *bows*

  5. i ❤ your videos!!!

    i also really enjoyed your various analysis on g-ye from their interactions! esp the music core seating one lol

  6. This is such a great place for G-YE
    I fell in love with this fandom, purple XD!!
    You’re the best!!!

  7. girlbang cafe (X)
    By.Destiny cafe (O)

  8. ㄴ무슨뜻인가요?

  9. Your skills have a wonderful synthesis!!

  10. Nevermelt_Snow said:

    Can I ask if they are real life couple???

  11. purrplelover said:

    To Nevermelt_Snow:
    Truthfully i dunno, all of the analysis i made are based on their performances on tv and some behind the scenes. Why dont u see and judge for yourself. Personally, i like to think that they are real-life couple but dont let my thoughts deluded you hehehe

  12. Oh my goodness! I like the new banner/layout for this fandom! hehe ^-^
    Rofl. I didn’t know where I should just comment on something in general so I comment on the first page :]
    I still love your dedication to G-Ye! <33
    WonderBang Anniversary!<3 I don’t know the time in Korea but… I’m thinking it’s coming in a few hours? keke

  13. i hope G-Ye are together :333

  14. Oh, I love this Fandom

    It’s so great.

    Do you like Wonderbang a lot?

    I’m Korean and I notice that
    world people also like Wonderbang!

    It’s amazing

    How do you know Wonderbang?

  15. purrplelover said:


    Thanks for reading my blog. And yes i do love them a lot esp G-YE(cos they are my fav members from their group respectively)

    OMG, u are korean? U speak english well.

    How i knew WonderBang? I knew Big Bang first, and is already a fan of jiyong and then i saw Wonder Girls’ Irony video and got stunned by Sunye. Never did i thought that they ‘mesh’ each other well in the collaborations ^^

  16. wondergirlsbethy said:

    i love their tandem the best ever hope i can see her again;) performing again;)


  17. I visit here I’m very surprise..>_<
    You are an american?
    Wonderbang is so popular^^
    I love G-Ye and I love this fandom.

  18. Nice profile man =D love it very much xD

  19. hey i heard that gd smoke…. is that true????

    OMG! jiyong is like my world…. if he smoke… i will not know how to live anymore…. do you know anything about it????

    to contact me just go to youtube.com
    my user name is shawtyvwj
    …. careful when enter…..

  20. purrplelover said:

    @ shawtyvwj
    i heard of it before – but im not sure whether it is true or not….

  21. I am a Korean who loves a big bang.

  22. in reading your blog.. you actually pulled me to the fandom.. wee.. im influenced ^^..
    im loving G-Ye!! KwonMin is ♥! WonderBang is ♥

  23. I love G-Ye and I love Wonderbang♡

  24. hey :]
    i am using your images for my video.
    -pisces ❤

  25. All the fanfics that are at Soompi I can’t read and all the fanfics that are at Winglin, I can read. Why is that? o.o
    How do I become a member of Soompi? Please help! I’m a HUGE fan of G-Ye also! ^-^
    So please reply~

  26. Soo min said:

    omg i luv this 2 couple they r soo cute together

  27. korea su jin said:

    I don’t like G♥ye!!!!!!!!!
    ㅠ_ㅠ I like sohee♥ji yong ㅠ_ㅠ
    but, i’m happy thanks you purple……..
    Bangirls forever♡

  28. Millioniare girl said:

    Oh!i don’t want g&ye.i really want G&Hee.i think they are fit and so cute.i love G&HEE

  29. G♥YE!!!!!!!!!! said:

    G&SoHee nono!
    G&Ye is real!

    Okay? haha!

  30. g&ye is not real said:

    G&HEE is real. I know. I am korean.

    G&YE is friend.

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