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[OV]G-Dragon @ 2% CF

credit: elaisvipp @ youtube
ummaaaa~ ji was crying~~~ T.T
love triangle beetwen G-Ri (GD & seungri) and a girl….(and my head full with Sunye, coz yeah, the girl in that CF looks like sunye..lol)
so “A” type…(hmmm… i knew too well about A type boy…LOL)



[OV]#4 G-Dragon, Stars, Be Natural (ETN Entertainment)

credit: elaisvipp @ youtube

[OV]G-Dragon as a cameo @ 2NE1’s MV, Fire

credit: elaisvipp @ youtube

[OV]G-Dragon @ 2% CF filming (fancams)

credit: TaeisBebe @ youtube

more, under the cut!


[OV]Rain is Falling MV, W-inds ft. G-Dragon

credit: chau (Kieworld) @ youtube

lyrics under the cut!


[OV]Strong Baby feat. GD [MusicBank 27/02/09, MusicCore 28/02/09, Inkigayo 01/03/09]

credit: chauCNN + CodeAnalysis + elaisvip @ youtube


[OV]Big Bang @ 18th Seoul Music Awards 120209

credit: chauCNN@youtube

Winning Bonsang Award

Winning Best Album Award