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[OV] SunYe’s Flipcam 090424

credit: BrightenSunye @ youtube

SunYe’s first flip cam video! She’s so cute xP



[OV]Sunye & Daesung @ 18th Seoul Music Awards 120209

credit: BrightenSunye@youtube

Happy Together w/f KimJongKook, KimYongJoon

>>>How i wish it was Kwon-Leader & Min-Leader or Dae-Eun couple nevertheless this is like a small WonderBang gift from them to us ^_^ Sweet~

[OV]Wonder Girls Fancam @ 18th Seoul Music Awards 120209

credit: kazaf10@youtube

Fancam 1

Fancam 2


[OV]Wonder Girls Interview @ World’s On Fire 020209

credit: KoJaEntertainment@youtube

>>>Aww~ the girls must be studying very hard for their english and it can all be seen in this interview – good to see them having fun but erm, towards the end when the guy hug sunye – feel like someone is ‘boiling’,no? ^_^

[OV]Sunye @ Mnet Wide Ent News – Super 100(#14)

credit: nwa1998@youtube

>>>Congrats Min-chic for getting #14 and also the maknae So hee for getting #2 – the other wonder girls(Ye eun, Sunmi and Yoobin) are also in the list but i couldnt remember their ranks, sorry

[OV]Wonder Girls @ Peripera Cosmetic Beauty Date Clips 020209

credit: nwa1998@youtube

KBS Morning News Time

Mnet Wide Ent. News

>>>Aww~ the girls are all so pretty ^_^

[OV] SunYe Short Clip @ SBS Radio – Stand Up For Love 080307

credit: BrightenSunye@youtube

>>>I know i should be concentrating on Sunye’s amazing singing skill(tho we cant really see her face, just her back) but my eyes cant take off from what she was wearing – dont you think the jacket looks familiar? ^_^