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[OV]Wonder Girls @ MBC Music Core 271208

credit: hweeriric@youtube

So Hot & Nobody

>>>I like sunye’s new hairstyle – not that it changed much but it just makes her look more sexier? ^_^…And as a Sunye bias as i can be, i think sunye looks sexiest when she wears long pants – yeah, i feel she is sexy when she covers her body and do her dance moves. Gosh, i have to keep remind myself that im a girl lol


[OV]Big Bang @ MBC Music Core 271208

credit: BabyBongaholic@youtube

Haru Haru & Sunset Glow

>>>Can someone please ‘rescue’ our Kwon-chic, he misses our Min-chic so much that he has to ‘carry a phone’ on his neck – poor him – nvr mind, Jiyong, i carry you straight to sunye’s house and lock both of you together ^_^

[OV]Big Bang @ MBC Music Core 201208

credit: chauCNN@youtube

Big Bang & Solbi: Santa Claus is coming to town

Sunset Glow Remix Perf

>>>OMG, the intro is so cute ^_^ they caroled with Solbi-noona with christmas theme outfit and then for their Sunset Glow Remix Perf, SeungRi ‘was giving chance or more like a wish’ to do something to his hyungs – that must be his dream x-mas present LOL

[OV]Big Bang @ MBC Music Core 061208

credit: OlElOlEl@youtube

Sunset glow

>>>The boys spotted wearing pink outfits and I seriously think that I have seen GD’s spectacle somewhere before, to be exact i saw someone wearing it yesterday to the Noon Hope Music Radio Show (you know who, right? ^^)

[OV]Big Bang @ MBC Music Core 291108

credit: chauCNN@youtube

>>>you know what, my head has become attuned to the ah~, ah~ part that whenever i listen to the mp3 or watch them perform, my head will automatically move following the choreograph lol ^^

[OV]Wonder Girls @ MBC Music Core 291108

credit: maplestoryfan1@youtube

>>>Sunye’s peripera clothes is striking white, make me noticed her straight away ^^ – and i tot that sunmi was almost cracking to laugh or was it her voice that cracked, newa entertaining performance as always

[OV]Big Bang @ MBC Music Core 221108

credit: chauCNN@youtube

>>>ahhh, the boys perform the last, meaning that they are number 1 ^^