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[OV]Wonder Girls @ M!Countdown Report (Wide News) 101008

credit: booloveswondergirls@youtube

>>>For Min Leader lover like me, you got to see this one, you can see her humbleness and caringness despite the fact that she is a superstar already, want to know what im talking about? Watch the clip


[News]Wonder Girls in Singapore for K-Pop Concert 2008

taken from: wondergirls.wordpress

This is not a hoax. I actually learnt about this Kpop concert in Singapore from an Anbiholic friend, RgalSteff a few weeks back but nothing was confirmed yet. Then she told me about the artistes that would be coming yesterday (subject to change) but I didn’t want to post it yet until it’s really confirmed.


Well, many thanks to jean_kkp who emailed me about this and kyurella@livejournal who emailed the Korean embassy for information.

Well for the record, the Singapore Tourism Board has organized a Korea Festival 2008 from 1st to 18th November, with a variety of traditional and contemporary events, from fine arts to popular culture and mainstream music. But the highlight has got to be the K-Pop Concert which will be held on Tuesday evening, 4th November 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Details are sketchy at the moment but the following is an email reply from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea who are the organizers for this event.

Thanks for expressing your interest in the K-Pop Concert, to be held on 4th November 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We are very excited to introduce a promising line-up of singers and performers from Korea, including established stars such as the Wonder Girls, Chae Yeon, Andy, JunJin, V.O.S., and Jewelry. Emerging artistes such as U-Kiss, 2PM, Peter and Kim Jong Wook will also feature in the performance on the 4th.

Ticketing arrangements for the K-Pop Concert are still being finalised. Tickets will not be sold through the usual outlets such as SISTIC. Instead, they will be given away over the next few weeks through our key sponsors, Far East Organisation, LG Electronics and Korean Air. You may wish to check with the above-mentioned sponsors on their plans to release tickets to the public.

Korea International Radio will also be holding live quizzes around mid-October to give away free tickets to listeners.

We encourage you to stay tuned for further developments and news in the media over the next few weeks.

Thank you.

It seems like it would be a lottery to get the tickets. While it’s great that the Wonder Girls are coming, but it looks like it would be a long shot to see them perform. But it’s nice to see them taking the time to come overseas to Singapore for a performance from their busy schedule. Hope that those who win the tickets are K-pop fans or at least become a convert after watching.

>>>Yay, it is like a dream come true, the Girls are coming to Spore!!!! I was crazy over this ystrdy and was bugging my aunts/friends who has connections to give me a ticket or else im going to hunt them down, I even asked my cousin who worked at Changi Airport to stalk the Wonder Girls when they arrived, i so cant wait to stalk Sunye hehehe(and IF i ever has the VIP passes to meet them in person im going to ask them about Big Bang hahaha – of course i need to drag my korean friend along but i think the girls will understand simple english like ‘Are you close friend with Big Bang?’ and i want to ask Sunye if she has ‘G-Dragon’s phone number?’ Gosh, my imagination cant stop from running wild ^-^)

[OV]Wonder Girls @ KBS Music Bank 101008

credit: wondersmurf@youtube

Nobody Perf

Waiting Room + No.1

>>>The Girls won No.1 again at K-Chart! Their perf was awesome and i love their outfits and hairdos(makes me wanna change my hairstyle to the 60-70s now hehehe)

[Pics]Sunye @ NYC Chuseok Festival 210908 HQ

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credit: ningin.com ll thanks to cutegiurl.wordpress

>>>Min Leader pics spam day! ^-^

[Pics]Wonder Girls Rehearsal @ M Super Concert 081008

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credits: etbbong & cutegiurl

>>>Love to see the girls’ natural & no make-up face

[OV]Wonder Girls @ M!Countdown 091008

credit: WonderfulChannel@youtube


>>>The girls look awesome in shining and glimmering set plus their beautiful outfit and hair extensions!

[OV]JYP Family introduce Korea Food Expo 2008

credit: jypentertainment@youtube

Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM

>>>Is that a purple cardigan that Min leader is wearing? I noticed that the ‘Leader’ couple recently wears lots of purple outfits hehehe…. purple G♥Ye<3