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[Pics]Sunye Fantaken Pics @ Wonder Girls’ PeriPera Date + So Hot Promotion

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More Fantaken Pics @ Wonder Girls’ PeriPera Date
credits: wonderholic & cutegiurl

credits: WG tHread @ soompi
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Fantaken Pics during So Hot Promotion 090608
credits: etbbong & cutegiurl

>>>Do you see the difference between the ‘So Hot’ Sunye and the ‘Peripera’ Sunye? ~ the hairstyle, duh> lol


[OV]Sunye & Yoobin Cut @ MBC Sebakwi 130708

credit: BrightenSunye@youtube

>>>This was during their So Hot promotion, better late than never ^^

[News] Wonder Girls Nominations at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards

credit: as tagged + wonderkid + wondergirls.wordpress


The Wonder Girls are nominated for the Digital (Online Music Sales) Bonsang award and the Popularity Award at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards. What’s exciting is that So Hot and Nobody are nominated in both categories!

Two teams will be awarded the Popularity award sponsored by Yepp while four teams will be awarded the Digital Bonsang Award based on online music sales. 1 from those four teams will be awarded the Digital (Online Music Sales) Daesang (Grand Prize). For the record, the Wonder Girls won the Digital Online Sales Bonsang award and Popularity award last year. And it still baffles many why they did not manage to win the Best New Group award.

The 23rd Golden Disk Awards will air live on Mnet and KMTV on 10th December starting at 7.00pm (KST). The only way to vote for the Wonder Girls is by phone (ARS#) or mobile voting unfortunately. So let’s show our support in spirit for the Wonder Girls and Korean Wonderfuls. Good luck to all nominees!

>>>Oooh, i wonder who will win the ‘grand prize’ this year?…anticipating the winners

[News]It’s official: Perez Hilton REALLY loves the Wonder Girls.

credit: wgjjang.wordpress

I thought it was pretty amazing to be featured once on America’s most famous celebrity gossip site, but being featured a SECOND time is stunning! After Perez Hilton told millions of his visitors how much he loved WG’s newly released “Nobody” music video, he promptly followed that up with another post on how much he is obsessed with WG’s “So Hot” music video. At this rate, he might apply to be an official Wonderful member soon!

P.S. For anyone disturbed by the racial or negative comments, I advise that you pay no attention to them since, by nature, Perez Hilton’s blog attracts these types of ridiculous visitors. You can think of it as the Wonder GIrls gaining international publicity for the music and performance they put out. On that note, please also ignore any comments that Perez Hilton was paid by JYP for this entry. Perez makes millions of dollars from blog advertisements through his tremendous traffic and has no need to be paid to write. More likely, he became aware of the Wonder Girls through comments and tips and his entries reflect his genuine enjoyment of the Wonder GIrls.

>>>Perez Hilton, huh?….I used to ‘forbid’ myself from reading the blog but now….hehehe

[OV]Wonder Girls – So Hot @ Live Power Music 230808

credit: WonderfulChannel@youtube

[OV]Wonder Girls @ Mnet 20’s Choice Awards 230808

credit: wondersmurf@youtube

Wonder Girls & JunJin Special Stage

credit: pocketfulofsmiles@youtube

Winning ‘Hot Club Music’ Award

[News]Kim Heechul a True Wonder Girls Fan as he does So Hot on Radio

credit: wondergirls.wordpress

Super Junior Kim Heechul continued to show everyone that he is a true Wonder Girls fan as he performed the whole “So Hot” dance on a recent “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio recording hosted by Kim Shin Young and Shin Dong.

In the recording last night, Kim Heechul was the guest on the program as Shin Dong asked, “Aren’t you dancing when that song is played?” as Heechul replied immediately, “Not dancing!”. But immediately after, Shin Dong said, “It’s performed by the Wonder Girls. Please take note of the video”, when Heechul immediately asked, “Do I do (dance) it here?”, as he kept looking for a spot to do the dance and looking slightly embarassed.

As the music started playing, Heechul immediately sprung up from his seat and started doing the V-Line dance after Shin Dong finished lip-syncing to the opening. Although Heechul said he was shy and would just do a little bit, he only disappeared from the screen for a while before appearing with a pink hairclip on his head and started to do “So Hot” with zest. And from here on, with Kim Shin Young as his partner, ‘Kim Heechul’ So Hot version was born.

Following the broadcast, netizens commented on the video which was uploaded to various sites, “Kim Heechul is really too sexy”, “This cannot be done so well with just 1-2 days of practise, he is a Wonder Girls fan”, “Compared to saying he’s a So Hee fanatic, the hairclip on his head was too cute for words.”