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[PICS]G-Dragon @ public information ambassadors for Korea’s Ministry of Jutice law order

credit: GD&H @ bbvipz + bbflow
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[PIC]GD @ Arena

here’s the HQ…

credit: http://www.arenakorea.com

[PICS]GD @ Cafe Latte photoshoot

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credits: 권지형, 모네모네 @ bbvipz
zipped & upload: xander @ heavenlydragon.wordpress.com

[PICS]G-Dragon with his friends (random)

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[Pics]G-Dragon @ Hite Cool Concert

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[Pics]G-Dragon @ Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot

credits: ㅍㅇㅅㅌ @ DCGD + bigbangpop + 징요가좋아요 @ bbvipz

[Pics]G-Dragon @ Lotte Duty Free Concert

credit: as tagged + 징요가좋아요 @ bbvipz