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[News]WonderBang rules on Forbes Korea ‘Korea Power Celebrities’

credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/

Forbes Korea released the results of ‘Korea Power Celebrities’ on 25th February in commemoration of their 6th anniversary.

‘Korea Power Celebrities’ selects 40 individuals/groups from the fields of acting, singing, CF modelling, sports etc looking at their popularity, income and influence etc.

And group Big Bang and WonderGirls are #2 and #3 on the chart respectively.

And the title of ‘Korea’s Best Star’ goes to ‘fairy on ice’ ice skater Kim Yeon Ah.

The standards used in ‘Korea’s Power Celebrities’ are the same of that used in Forbes America’s ‘Power Celebrity 100′.

Kim Yeon Ah emerged as ‘Korea’s Best Star’ after winning 2nd on influence on media appearance, 1st on professionalism, 3rd for popularity on internet search and appearance on broadcast programs and 12th on income.

And 5-member group Big Bang, who roped in a total of 35 billion KRW of income on album sales and concert sales, is listed at #2 position on the chart after Kim Yeoh Ah. And also girl group WonderGirls, who brought us many smash hits after smash hits like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’ is at #3 on the chart.

Other standings:
#4 – Kpop diva Lee Hyori
#5 – Group So Nyeo Shi Dae
#6 – Soccer plater Park Ji Seong on Man.U team
#7 – Lee Seung Yeop
#8 – Singer Rain
#9 – MC Yoo Jae Seok
#10 – Kim Tae Hee

>>>Go, WonderBang<3


[Translation]BigBang debut 2 years and 6months total sales exceeded a million

Post taken from: bbf1 @ VIPz Overseas/BBVIPz
translate: maggie
from: http://www.bigbangfamily.com

Idol Star Bigbang debut 2 years and 6 months after the record sales total (including the Live CD and LIVE DVD) broke the one million.In the music market has not completely recovered from recession in the swamp out of the situation,this is an exception.

Especially about the experience of the Entertainment Industry, although now bigbang still in the new idol star level , but there have been breakthrough in the sales 1,000,000 of new idol star’s level, which attracted people’s more attention to them.

on Feb.20 money today starnews had an intervie with bigbang’s company YG Entertainment. According to the information received shows that, bigbang in August 29, 2006 released debut single sold 62,000 (The following numbers basic on wholesalers Treasury ), and then they began to accelerate and increase in sales.

[News]Big Bang is the biggest winner in K Chart history

credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/

KBS 2TV Music Bank did a little reorganisation to their show on 11th January 2008 introducing their own ‘K Chart’ and upgrading itself to become ‘MuBank K Chart Show’.

With its 500th episode coming, we see the different records made on the show in the past 1 year.

And group Big Bang is the number 1 winner on the chart for the past year.

‘K-Chart’ is a collection of several charts – album record chart, digital record chart, viewers preference chart.

Big Bang was the first winner on K Chart on 11th January last year with the song ‘Last Farewell’. They were also the winner for the month of January on K Chart aired on 1st February.

Subsequently, for the rest of the months, the winners are:

* February- So Nyeo Shi Dae
* March- Jewelry
* April- Lee Seung Gi
* May- MC Mong
* June- WonderGirls with ‘So Hot’
* July – Brown Eyes ‘Don’t go, Don’t Go’
* August – Seo Taiji ‘Maoi’
* September – Big Bang with ‘Haru Haru’
* October – Dong Bang Shin Ki with ‘MIROTIC’
* November – Big Bang ‘Sunset Glow’
* December – Big Bang ‘Sunset Glow’

And previously for January 2009, So Nyeo Shi Dae is the winner for the month with their comeback.

So for the past year, Big Bang is the winner for the most number of #1 on the chart. Big Bang were the #1for the month of January 2008, September 2008, November 2008 and December 2008.

Also, Big Bang set the record for taking both 1st and 2nd position for chart in the month of September. Other than Big Bang, group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Brown Eyes were at both #1 and #2 in the month of October and July respectively.

But amongst all the #1 winners, Seo Taiji emerged #1 with the most number of points at 11485.75 in August with the song ‘Maoi’.

>>>What else can i say, they are the BIG BANG!!! ^^

[News]Big Bang Reveals Self-Fulfilment Strategies

Post taken from: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/index.asp
By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter
thanks to momovip

Idol group Big Bang seems to be the boys-next-door, even quiet and unassuming, but once they are on stage they exude charisma and passion in their music.

They were not overnight stars. They were well prepared and tailor-made by YG Entertainment led by Yang Hyun-suk, a local pop mogul.

In “Shouting to the World” written by Big Bang, which has shot onto the bestseller list, they write about how they became stars and overcame difficulties on the way.

[OV]Big Bang @ 18th Seoul Music Awards 120209

credit: chauCNN@youtube

Winning Bonsang Award

Winning Best Album Award


[News]Shinhwa, Big Bang take a stand against unauthorized trademark use

source: absolutshinhwa
credit: Star News + Yonhap News
chinese translations by: yunru@onlywan.net
english translations by: absolutshinhwa
Post taken from: Ca_Kristine_4ever @ soompi

Groups Shinhwa and Big Bang have decided to take action against companies who produce fan support tools such as lightsticks and balloons for the unauthorized use of their trademarks.

On 11th Feb, a spokesperson from Shinhwa’s management company Good EMG told Star News in a phone interview, “At the recent Big Bang concert, there were many unauthorized orange lightsticks printed with the Big Bang logo. Orange is the representative color of Shinhwa, and more and more fans are protesting, stating that they must protect the color orange.”

“For the companies who are producing these unauthorized Big Bang lightsticks, both ourselves and YG Entertainment hope that they will stop selling these products as soon as possible. If they continue to do so, we will have to take action against them.”

Fans have expressed that there has long been an unwritten rule about the about the usage of colors for different singers and groups. For example, Shinhwa uses orange, DBSK uses red, Super Junior uses pearl blue, and all fan support tools are produced in the respective colors. Recently, there have been cases of Big Bang fans using orange lightsticks printed with Big Bang logos that they bought from street vendors at live performances and concerts. As a result, many Shinhwa fans have been making calls to Good EMG and YG, requesting them to “respect the use of colors”.

Good EMG stated that the biggest problem the use of Shinhwa’s representative orange color to produce fan items for other singers and groups, as well as the unauthorized use of the Big Bang logo.

The Good EMG spokesman added, “Orange has been the representative color that Shinhwa has been using for more than 10 years, it’s something different from Big Bang’s crown lightsticks and head scarves. In fact after the Big Bang concert ended, we already contacted YG in the hope that they will make an official announcement about fan support tools.”

With regards to this, on 1 Feb ,YG has already put up an official notice on Big Bang’s official website, “Big Bang’s Official Fan Support Tools”, stating that “The golden crown lightstick is a design that cannot be replicated”. The lightsticks of other colors that have caused conflict with other fanclubs are not produced by YG, please do not purchase them.”

The Good EMG spokesperson also said that unauthorized fan merchandise have also appeared at Shin Hyesung’s recent concert in China, but they have taken steps to confiscate the merchandise and conduct further investigation. As a result, they already had to take steps to protect Shinhwa’s trademark and copyright. He said, “After this clash between Shinhwa fans and Big Bang fans, we will make even more effort on trademark protection.”

At the moment, besides the orange lightsticks and raincoats issued to all Shinhwa Changjo members, for Shin Hyesung’s upcoming comeback, Good EMG will be producing Shin Hyesung and Shinhwa official merchandise.

YG has stated that, “Any products not sold through YG E-Shop are all unauthorized.”

>>>Yeah, legal action should be taken against those who use their trademark illegally….

[News]Big Bang’s Book, Wonder Girls’ Concert Tickets – Moms & Dads are Buying a Lot

By NewsWire (Korea Press Release Network)
[Source: http://www.newswire.co.kr/]
credit: ppopki@wgspectacle

(Seoul=NewsWire) 2009 February 11 – Parents in their late-30s and 40s with elementary, junior high, and high school aged children have been found to be the most active consumers of music albums, books, and concert tickets featuring their children’s favorite singers.

An analysis of buyer data for idol stars’ books and concert tickets at publications auction site Books&Music (book.auction.co.kr) and ticket reservation site Auction Ticket (ticket.auction.co.kr) has revealed that women in their late 30s and 40s represent the key buyer demographic.

In the case of the Wonder Girls’ concert coming up on March 28, those consumers in their late-30s and 40s—reaching 21%—in addition to the number of teenagers purchasing tickets for themselves, represented the expanding group of parents buying tickets for their children.

In addition, moms appear to be more active participants in their children’s cultural lives than dads. Among those in their late-30s and 40s purchasing Wonder Girls’ concert tickets, female buyers led the pack at 75% as opposed to only 25% of the buyers who were male. With Big Bang’s autobiography, there were only slightly more females among consumers in their late-30s and 40s. 46% of these buyers were male and 54% were females.

Auction Ticket’s department head, Joo ManWoo, explained, “The number of children actually going to concerts with a parent—especially their mom—has skyrocketed. It appears that parents are now less inclined to intervene with their children’s cultural preferences as a more supportive climate is taking hold.”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls’ concert tickets went on sale at Auction Ticket’s site on January 29 and quickly reached the #1 position in the advance-booking ranking. Tickets were sold out in the early stages of ticketing, representing a new record in a concert market that, in the past, had exclusively belonged to male idols.

>>>WonderBang strikes again, it seems? Wait, its like WonderBang always ‘strike’ ^_^